Flex your Emoji!

Create your emoji within seconds and share it on chat apps (like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Line…) or social networks (Instagram, Twitter…and so on)👫👫👫

How to use Emojiflex:

  • Use the transparent panel to move the pupils and the mouth. To switch the panel to the other side – touch the edge.
  • Touch the mouth to set and slide the 👅👅tongue. Double-touch the tongue to make your emoji spewing! 😈 Or double-touch the kissing face for a different kiss…😘😚
    Make a basic touch to remove the tongue.
  • Touch the eyes 👀 to change the eye shape
    Both eyes at once – touch between the eyes. One by one – touch the left or the right eye.
  • Push the effect button for background effects and make emoji stickers with your photos. 📷
  • To make a emoji meme or to write a short message, touch the speech bubble.🎨
  • To share in your favorite chat app – push the share button

Have fun and flex your emoji!☺😊
Current version 1.3.x



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